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StarSeed Continuum – Be Your Mastery

In this episode, Kathy meets with Soul Family to discuss an evolution reading that brings everyone into their mastery. Are you ready to up your game and become the brilliance you are here to BE. Up-level self-empowerment and be ready to take action in your best life!

SC – WE Rise Movement

In this episode, Kathy does a reading on the We Rise movement. This code supports you, moving into the Miracle Pattern of expression. The Divine, Invites you to step into the frequency pattern of Mastery, bringing forward new expressions of your unique talent. The Divine Design. Magic!

SC – Inspired Action

Kathy and Jewels do a reading on the evolved coding of the energy coming in for us to take inspired action. Go BIG! Are you sitting in guidance and not taking action? The Time is NOW! The NEW Earth is the CREATION!

SC – Raise Your Frequency

Kathy and Jewels do an Evolution Reading on the awareness of when your frequency is dropping. This awareness allows you to create big changes in your life that hold higher and higher frequencies! Experience the codes behind the cards and absorb the intelligence that is supporting you in your best life.

SC – Starseed Synergy

Come experience Powerful synergy! We are all a part of the journey and knowingness of this reading. Embrace heart-felt connection to the Divine. Experience what it is like to be coded with the Miracle Frequency Pattern and then end with an activation. Activate the recorder cell as a group and then move into heart expression.