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Awakening Stories with Liane Lopes

Welcome to the Awakening Stories series where we have personal and authentic conversations about spirituality, awakening, and ascension. In this episode, I speak with Quantum Coach and New Earth Pathways community member, Liane Lopes. Liane shares about her personal growth and evolution, including a life-changing Near Death Experience. Liane also guides us through a beautiful […]

NEP – Multidimensional Wealth Creation (With Leisa Peterson)

How do you create wealth in the New Earth? Guest Leisa Peterson is a wealth coach and author of the Mindful Millionnaire. She developed a way to integrate financial matters with the spiritual/metaphysical in a grounded and accessible way. Leisa guides listeners through a beautiful process aimed at reducing financial anxiety and enhancing self-worth and […]

NEP – What is Holistic Skincare? (With Stephanie Peers)

What is holistic skincare? Holistic skincare is a unique form of skincare that also supports the mind, body, and spirit. In this episode, guest Stephanie Peers takes holistic skincare principles to a powerful new level by explaining how connecting with the skin’s cellular intelligence is a critical aspect of a holistic skincare routine. This cutting-edge […]