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AE – Magical Message From the Animal Kingdom

Jewels speaks with Arielle Taylor about Starseed kids and how cell phones and technology are creating a disconnect with the light they are here to be. Her passion in supporting the young in their gifts led her to write a book about connecting to the animal kingdom. As parents we can open our children to […]

AE -11:11 Vortex Reading

In this episode Jewels and Kathy do an Evolution Reading on the energies coming in to support us for the 11:11 Event! We are in the Biggest Event of Human History! Find out what is to come as we prepare for 2022! Visit to join the live interactive shows.

AE – The Story Collector (Mushhur and Jewels)

Jewels and Mashhur speak about how to receive and how receiving is a pathway of awakening. Feeling and receiving subtle energies can open us up to guidance and expansion. When we openly receive from the universe magic happens! Learn more about how to open your heart to receiving while connecting to your inner truth.

AE – Reading the Energy of the Future

Jewels speaks with Riley about the energy of the future as seen in the stars. What is to come for 2022 and how can we get excited as Lightworkers in preparing for the biggest event in history! What is the energy pattern of the future?! Find out what the future looks like.