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AE – Finding the Root Cause

In this episode, Jewels speaks about finding the root cause in order to heal. Are you searching for the reason you are the way you are and feel you need to find this reason in order to change? What if the root cause is as easy as seeing the place you are choosing to look […]

AE – Use Intention to Amplify Your Intuitive Powers

In this episode, Jewels speaks about how to use intention or manifesting to amplify your intuitive powers. Once an intention is set we can attune to the frequency behind it and then use this frequency to create action and choice. Once we have the intention frequency in our awareness we can use intuition to receive […]

AE – Reprogram Your Cells to Abundance

In this episode, Jewels speaks about why we want to use our cells to reprogram our bodies to hold the frequency for our consciousness to exist in. When we reprogram our cells to hold high-level identities, it allows us to shift faster than any other method. Are you ready to reprogram your cells to Abundance?

AE – Activate Your Heart Chakra

In this episode, Jewels talks about the difference between the emotion of love and the Feeling of love. We can activate our heart space to attune our reality to hold the frequency of Divine Love. This is a pathway to living beyond collective consciousness or our programmed behaviors. Activate Your Heart and experience the Miracle […]

AE – Why We Care What Others Think

In this episode, Jewels looks at Why we care what other people think and how we can start not giving a Ship. Explore the wounds behind caring too much but also how we can use caring what others think to strengthen our connection with our Divine. Why do you care? Knowing this opens you to […]

AE – Spiritual Discipline

Do you make choices based on the emotion you are having or an emotion you want to feel? It is time to use the information in emotional or mental programming to make choices consciously. It is time to make big changes and Spiritual Discipline is the most important part of making them happen. Are you […]

AE – Be a Lightworker

In this episode, Jewels speaks about what it is to be a Lightworker in challenging times. We want to connect to our Divine Truth before we act, speak or choose what to believe. There is a lot of chaos in the world and many beliefs surrounding this chaos. The Divine is choosing you to believe […]

AE – Tap Into Your Inner Technology

Tap into your inner technology In this episode, Jewels and Dafna will explore our invisible architecture, and the ways it operates within Creation and attunes into a Fluid Source. We will discuss the ways that assist us to intentionally direct our life force and Live as instruments of Divine orchestration. We will end with a […]

AE – Venus in Retrogade

Jewels and Sibyl Star talk about the energies that are here to assist our ascension and how we can use them to amplify our lives into magic and abundance. We may feel the effects of Venus in Retrograde the next few months as our emotions come up to show us what still needs to be […]