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DECU Session with Yvonne

In 2006, my daughter was my inspiration that propelled my exploration within. I dove in eagerly and excited to discover the perceptions I held within myself that were creating my reality. I have learned so much about myself and the dynamics of our relationships. Through experience, I know that one of the many reasons we are here is to show each other those parts of ourselves that want our attention.

Through many classes and healing modalities with spiritual teachers and healers I worked through many obstacles and untrue beliefs that were holding me back. Being an esthetician, I was attracted and intrigued with the Ormus skin care line, Eternal Gold Beauty. The results and changes I was seeing in my skin led me to the gifts of DECU and beyond.

DECU Session with Yvonne

If you want to test the water and see how our working together affects your life, I offer a single session option. This is one 45 minute session.

Once you have paid for your session, please email Yvonne at and she will contact you to set up your appointment.

About Yvonne

Activate Evolution continues to evolve, inspiring us to create and explore beyond our wildest dreams. I continue to be amazed with how profound this work is. Everything changes when we begin to embody and remember on a cellular level who we truly are. I immediately felt called to these classes, as if something inside me knew this was for me, so much more than my intellect knew. It becomes a daily spiritual practice.
The power of being able to connect to these higher realms and our Divine light within is our Divine birthright. We all hold the abilities to transcend and create a magical life. My passion is holding space with others, to go deeper into these processes, discovering who you’ve come here to BE. I would enjoy the opportunity to assist you on this journey. There is something truly magical when we say yes and step into this process with one another.

From my heart to yours, Yvonne