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Breaking Quantum Physics Coach

Shannon is a vessel for an evolutionary Angelic Consciousness, through the arts of writing, singing, channeling, hypnosis, and multi dimensional energy work.

I bring forth an organic source of intelligent light frequencies that I channel, that supports our human vessel and its incredibly intelligent bio-technology. These light frequencies I bring through, helps to restore distorted DNA, and resolve discordant belief systems that are no longer serving our consciousness, collective and personal.

I teach others how to access and trust our unique psychic capabilities to heal and embody a energetic freedom inside and out, which opens one up to the truth of their soul signature and creativity to help support sovereignty on our divine purpose with much grace and love for creation.

My life path is one, of supporting others to become joyful and playful in the expansion and truth of who they are. Free of the stories and beliefs that have kept us all from attaining this expansion of simplicity, purpose, sovereignty and the powerful creation of being human on a planet that supports us to our highest alignment and super powers when we learn to navigate the new earth energies within and without.

I have been working with friends, family, clients, and our planet’s grid for almost 2 decades, helping reverse patterns and distortions, that block the flow of life & the love we truly desire.

I am a DNA Activator, Walk-In of Angelic Consciousness, Self Taught Ascension Guide and Hypnotist, spent many years as a Practitioner and Educator of Neurofeedback. I spent time doing my healing with a Mystic Kahuna, who would then become a dear friend who taught me about unconscious beliefs and distortions in our energy fields thru long deep hypnotic states, clearing myself and unraveling energetic interference within my past lives.

I am a certified Usui & Celestial Reiki Healer, Cert. DNA/Theta Healer, Cert. Hatha Yogi of 25 years. Shamanism, meditation and energy medicine have been a very natural practice and tool for me, that supports myself and others in awakening the truth within. I have studied and worked with many enlightened luminaries on and off planet throughout my lifetime. And I hold their living transmissions to now share with you, in the highest integrity in truth and assist your physical healing.

As a filmmaker, I spent time documenting the path of Shamanism and its many healing modalities & plant medicine, while also being attuned to rites within the lineage. I have interviewed and filmed hundreds of people around the globe since 2009, and being in this type of fast paced environment you learn the true essence of spirit and what we tend to hide in our subconscious belief patterns.

I share a combination of ancient and galactic wisdom, clairvoyant guidance, biology, nutrition and modern science as my life path of helping others transform their lives!

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