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Activate Evolution Master Teacher​ Paul

Manifest and Ascension Coach Liane

Paul received his DECU & OMcodes certification from Activate Evolution in 2022 and has continued to enhance his lifestyle skills with Activate Evolution. In 2015, Paul received a health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Paul has also been a licensed Professional Engineer with over 25 years’ experience as a civil engineer in corporate and now is self-employed as an engineer. Paul has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota.

Paul has a strong desire to lead a healthy lifestyle with an entrepreneurial mindset. To help others lead a healthy lifestyle, he founded Boulder Juicery in 2022 serving cold pressed juice using only organic ingredients. Paul taught himself how to build the Juicery and the Juicery has grown from four original customers to now leasing a place in the Colorado Athletic Club and serving hundreds of juices per week.

Paul continues to expand his desire to help others lead a healthy lifestyle and is preparing healthy lifestyle programs to teach others what he has learned and to share what has worked for him to live a healthy lifestyle.

Activate Evolution Master Teacher

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