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Manifest and Ascension Coach Liane

Manifest and Ascension Coach Liane

One-on-one Quantum Coaching session

Certified DECU and OM Codes Practitioner

I AM an ever-evolving human who is absolutely obsessed with pushing the boundaries of what it is to be human. The inception of this quest started back in my late 20s during an out of body experience when I was hit by a double-decker bus while walking the streets of London England. I clearly remember looking at my frail body at the scene of the accident from an overhead view to flashf orward waking up in my hospital bed with a group of doctors examining my medical chart and vitals like I was some sort of science experiment. My NDE was the catalyst for my personal spiritual journey. Plagued with: WHY AM I HERE? WHY DID I NOT DIE? WHAT NEXT?

What next involved a series of experiences in my personal evolution and I did it very much on my own. Why alone you might ask? Well I knew in my heart that I was seeing the world much differently than the people around me. And to be frank, I was afraid of being judged, ridiculed and outcasted. So I consciously began my ascension journey, knowing deep down inside that I was going down a rabbit hole towards my truth and that I was more powerful than the stories that were being fed to me.

My story is continually shifting but the “Seeker” in me is forever the same. I have since mastered what it is to live outside of ego and programming and freed myself from a life of fear, control and manipulation. Along my journey I have worked with Shamans. Healers and Coaches who have guided me to the place I am standing at present and can now do the same for others who are ready to ascend themselves. I am an Intuitive, Master Coach, Healer and Manifester and I work with people who are stuck living in “Groundhog Day” and want to explore different states of consciousness. I am on a Divine mission to sustainably live from a much higher vibration and be a beacon of light and hope for others to do the same. I believe in human potential. I believe in YOU!

My work is unique as I combine energy healing, channeling, and life coaching into one jam packed platform, making me “The Quantum Coach” …. because life is meant to be ENJOYED!

One-on-one Quantum Coaching session


Well a surprise is one thing since every session is completely unique. In fact everything about the experience is carefully curated to help elevate you into the next level of your personal evolution.  During this 50 minute session, you will be held in a safe container and invited to shift any limitations and/or limiting beliefs into higher states of consciousness.  Should you have no clue what it is that you would like to work on, then no worries, this is exactly good and right. Divine Intelligence is always running the show and Liane channels this through in the most inspiring, uplifting and heartfelt ways. Sessions include a personalized recorded energy process to help integrate the new frequency patterns.

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Alternatively, if you have a deep knowing that you are ready for something more and want to experience what it is to become the master of your reality and stop outsourcing your power, then you are invited to join Liane on a transformational 10 week experience that will change your life forever.