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Evolution Master Reader, Kathy

Kathy is, THE ORACLE.  Source Intelligence is turned on and is consistently expressing in everyday life, a combination of Mastery and Magic. The invitation is for YOU to allow YOUR unstoppable nature to shine forth into expression.  It’s not only possible, it’s the next frontier of human evolution.

We begin our journey by setting a soft intention.  What information would you like Source Intelligence and Consciousness to reveal?  Are you ready to move out of the Matrix and allow the Divine to lead and reveal a level of clarity believed unattainable by most in the Super Hologram.

If you are here in this now moment, you are ready to listen and do. We feel you’ve been sincerely asking to be shown. The Truth is, we are an unstoppable force of nature, coming together to ignite that electrical spark of magnificence, 100% potential, the Ascended New Human. 

The invitation; to own and turn on our highest potential. To remember who we are and consciously move from programming to frequency. We begin to express our unique home frequency, and allow our light to shine forth with clarity and excitement. We begin to unabashedly express brilliance on a consistent basis. Who knew! We are the gift as we fully turn on our super powers of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing and organically choose our next Divine “yes”.  Together we Rise.

Evolution Master Reader, Kathy

Join me in this journey. You came to Earth at this exact time to be a pioneer and to shine your Brilliance!

In Unity, we will create your Divine Design that is Uniquely Yours…

Deeper Dive Evolution Reading

50 minutes
Reading of your current frequency patterns
Audio of your reading
Codes to support
Snapshot picture of your cards
insights into your unfolding
Written Summary of your reading

Basic Evolution Reading

30 minutes
Reading of your current frequency patterns
Audio of your reading
Code to support
Snapshot picture of your cards

About Your Session with Kathy

We start our Journey with the Evolution Cards by setting an intention for the highest outcome for you in your current reality.

The cards are a tool that create a rainbow bridge, a platform of discovery into the deepest part of your soul. Numbers are the Universal Language. All of the trillions of cells in your body hold an intelligence and are just waiting for instructions for expression. They create, whether you are conscious or not. So, why not create from the highest possible level. We will bring in particles of possibilities and particles of probabilities for your next.

The Divine will assist you in uncovering what is already within you. The light that is you. When we freely give our focus to the Divine, we witness the Miracle Frequency Pattern, the frequency of Synchronicity, to support your new choices. Flow.

As the reading unfolds, together we build a strong foundation for your next expression. It is a daily practice. The Magic happens when you are willing to “listen and do” from informed choices and a higher frequency.

This is truly coming from my highest next potential. Heartfelt Collaboration with the Divine.