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A session with Jewels

Each session is 50 minutes. All sessions are done on zoom. They are recorded and sent to you within 24 hours. Please note our strict 24 hours cancelation policy.

All sessions must be completed within a 12 month window from your first appointment.

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About Jewels

Founder and creator of DECU Universe

I started my passion for energetic healing and expanding states of consciousness at age 17.

I say that, “tracing energy” is my Superpower. In 2015, when my best friend passed away from a rare form of cancer, I traced his energy into specific codes within the DNA. These codes have specific frequencies that hold the intelligence of Source in communication waves… just like radio stations.

I have been working within this intelligence ever since. Over time I have received very specific modalities and information to awaken the NEW Human… 100% potential.

This information has created unique processes to upgrade cellular intelligence and advance human potential. Advancing beyond molecular structure and creating higher states of reality has become my life. I call this way of being, “The Ascended Body”

Jewels Arnes has over 30 years’ experience in Energy Medicine and intensive consciousness work. As an author, public speaker and ascension coach, Jewels has completed accreditations in QHHT, Reiki, Touch for Health, UNTIE, Energetic Transformation, an apprenticeship with a Lakota Medicine woman and has her Natural Health practitioner’s certification.

As the founder and creator of DECU Universe, a school of ascension through the DECU, OMcodes Methods, DMT Mastery and Breaking Quantum Physics lecture series, Jewels spends her time living her passion in reaching 100% human potential, while supporting others to make measurable changes in their life, body and consciousness..

Jewels has also created the EvoStar Quantum App, BioQuantum Skincare & Supplements, bringing cutting edge innovative products to those stepping into intentional molecular creation.

Jewels dedicates herself to evolving the human experience while living everything she teaches. She also enjoys hiking with her dog in the Rocky Mountains, and co-creating with others dedicated to the NEW Human experience.