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A session with Erika

Erika was born with a natural ability to detect and transmute subconscious programs and beliefs that interfere with one’s evolution and expansion into higher states of consciousness. Seeing beyond the surface level, Erika brings a gentle and compassionate awareness to these programs and beliefs, working directly with energy to realign people with their true soul-expression. With a deep understanding of the complexity and challenges involved in being human, Erika brings wisdom, empathy, and understanding into her work while simultaneously holding the highest frequencies and vision of your full human potential.

A life-long seeker on a path of service, Erika has degrees in Philosophy,  Human Services, and Psychology. She has also studied various energy  healing modalities including Reiki and McKay Method. More recently,  Erika discovered two modalities that changed her life: DECU and  OmCodes. By integrating these methods into her own life, Erika  resolved anxiety and self-doubt that she experienced since childhood.  Erika has also witnessed the significant impact of these techniques on  other peoples’ abilities to shift into higher states of health and wellbeing. 

Erika fully believes in peoples’ abilities to create the change needed to  align them with their very best lives. She supports you in building a  deeper connection with your soul self and in remembering who you  came here to be during this incredible time on Earth. Whether  amplifying your inner and outer beauty or reimagining and recreating a  life aligned with your deepest heartfelt passions, DECU and OmCodes  sessions with Erika can assist. This is achieved by quickly clearing old  cellular programs and beliefs and recalibrating your cells to support you  in the way you were originally designed to live: energized, in the flow,  and with vitality, love, and joy.

Single Session

DECU Session with Erika