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Session with Denise

DECU Bio-Energy Scan and coding with Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer.

This one-of-a-kind session helps you to discover the energetic state of your body. We will pin-point the areas of deficiency so they can be realigned and harmonize these areas with both a personalized coded ORMUS Monoatomic Gold elixir and customized essential oil blend. Both are attuned to your unique Home Frequency (your highest vibrational expression or your Soul Signature) and coded with scalar energy that specifically addresses your imbalances and attunes your body to a healthier state of balance.

DECU Bio-Energy Scan and coding with Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer.

Denise Kilonsky

DECU Bio-Energy Scan includes a Personalized Essential Oil Blend. This is a one-of-a-kind blend customized to your Soul Signature and coded with Scalar Energy. Each coded essential oil is carefully hand selected and crafted into your unique personalized blend. The blend is designed to empower your intention to deliver an additional level of vibrational transformation. When you apply the oils, you are directing your intention in a positive way and the scalar energy amplifies it.

Package includes: 1-Hour DECU Bio-Scan Session: $197 DECU & OMcodes Activation: $150 Customized Elixir: $110 value Personalized Essential Oil Blend: $47 value Overall Value: $500 Special Pricing $250

30 Minute Decu Omcodes Session