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A session with Cerena Lauren

Retired from a 40 year career as a social worker/therapist, social services manager and university professor, I am a coach, ordained peace minister, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and recently became a RYT 200 yoga instructor. Trained in several spiritual healing modalities for over 35 years, I hold degrees in Journalism and Social Work and am an accomplished writer and workshop presenter. I am certified in DECU, OM Codes and Evolution Journey Card Reading.

My commitment is that whatever I offer within this platform be a contribution, make a difference, and create a higher frequency to invite others into. I am a strong mentor/ coach. I shine at honoring others and making them feel safe and heard. I love offering support and inspiring others to discover their gifts.

I am committed to youthing and restoring my being to my Divine blueprint, to my 30 year old, 127 pound dynamo. This work has shown me how. And it works!!! I am passionate about sharing this with others, demonstrating how to release beliefs about oneself that do not serve.

I am a teacher/trainer on this platform, host monthly DECU Live podcasts and offer Evolution Intuitive readings with the Evolution Journey cards on You Tube for our Activate Evolution channel.

I am creating an entry level workshop and course for the I AM Journey Cards and a certification course to follow. Kathy Read and I are building a class fusing the Evolution and I AM Journey Cards. I offer personal DECU, OM Codes and Journey Card readings.

In my other life you will find me dancing and doing yoga with my two cats, Seraphina and Damara, who get as excited as I do when the yoga mat comes out. They also frequently show up in our Zoom classes as they sense when an attunement is about to occur and do not wish to miss out on an opportunity for an energy upgrade.
I have studied ballet for the past 30 years and identify as a ballerina. Living in nature on a small lake affords me time each day to commune with birds, especially Gus, my blue heron, eagles, and other critters. Another love is photography and I fondly capture my nature family every chance I get.

I love this platform. I am a new being since finding this spiritual family. The Divine is my co-pilot. I am here to shine brightly, to shift the Planet, to be the new human. I invite you to join me.

50 minute reading session

30 minute reading session