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Ascended Astrology Readings Coach Abriana

Ascended Astrology Readings Coach Abriana

Ascended Astrology Readings

I grew up believing in magic and the freedom of self expression. I was raised, to my delight, by an unconventional mother. By my second year of University I was driven to decode the complexities of our dynamic relationship, and found myself turning to the stars. My interest in astrology has been the main catalyst behind my spiritual journey thus far. It has opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of the universe and the complex workings of our physical, energetic, and etheric systems.

I am most fervent about melding science and spirituality and went on to obtain certifications in several healing modalities after University. Working with a large variety of clients one-on-one I realized my greatest passion is showing people that they have all the answers inside of them. I started studying the teachings of DECU University in 2019 and had a major transformation in achieving my goals to be a part of building the Activate Evolution foundation.

This year, I have combined my adoration for Astrology in co-creation with the masterful tools utilized on the platform of Activate Evolution. I am most excited to watch as these Ascended Astrology Readings continue to reveal to me their mastery in reflection of my own! Ascended Astrology Readings:

During an Ascended Astrology Reading we are able to identify in your natal chart where you are “hooking in” or being governed by the planets and cosmic energies. We then utilize DMT Coded Cards to activate your ascended DNA. Once activated, we are able to turn the point of hooking in, inside out, allowing you to bring these energies into pure expression. You walk away with a coded frequency that can show you the expression of your ascended DNA, which overrides anything in you that was previously governed by the cosmic energies.