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The two share a conversation around – when we follow our inner guidance and intuition, it’s much easier to live a life of creation within our divine experience. When we are tuned in by intuitive choice, our body’s intelligence is a vehicle that knows exactly where to be and what is the next move for us to express within our evolution. Leanne shares her personal journey of manifestation and synchronicities through many creative choices that led her to great success using her highest potential. This podcast is a living transmission to guide us all to listen to our own subtle hints and trust that our body’s vehicle always knows what is a yes and what is a no. Leanne’s intuitive gifts are helping thousands around the world meet their highest potential and her products are deeply healing the cellular structure of our human body.

You have the POWER within you to

CREATE your ideal life

….When you change ‘I can’t’ to ‘I DO’

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