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In this episode of Quantum Heart Conversations, host Shannon Pardini interviews guest Shems Heartwell an influential teacher and committed leader supporting men, women, and couples on the path of empowering their lives. Shems has been cultivating and sharing his craft for over 20 years, holding space for others to attune to their own vitality, leadership, community, and relationship skills through men’s circles, retreats, and personalized one-on-one sessions.

Shannon and Shem’s deep dive on topics around healing the masculine and connecting to the healthy masculine energy of feeling seen, accepted, and safe. We also talk about couple’s relationships and how to better relate with mutual respect and understating. This podcast gives voice for all of us to go deeper into our hearts and trust that communication and support are here for all of us. When we are ready to live a life of deeper meaning, acceptance, and accountability, this sets a foundation to set us free to soar into our authenticity and truth.

Our Websites to learn more about us:
Shems Heartwell:
Insta: @shemsheart

Shannon Bio:
Quantum Energy Healer
DNA & Cellular Regenerator and purifier.
Multi-Sensory Intuitive.

Shannon is a vessel for an evolutionary Angelic Consciousness, through the arts of writing, singing, channeling, hypnosis, and multi-dimensional energy work.
I bring forth an organic source of intelligent light frequencies that I channel, that supports our human vessel and its incredibly intelligent biotechnology. These light frequencies I bring through help to restore distorted DNA and resolve discordant belief systems that are no longer serving our consciousness, collective and personal.
I teach others how to access and trust our unique psychic capabilities to heal and embody energetic freedom inside and out, which opens one up to the truth of their soul signature and creativity to help support.