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In today’s episode of Quantum Heart Conversations host Shannon Pardini, and guest Dafna Ohana deep dive into a May Cosmic update of what we all have been feeling with these huge waves of transformative energies the eclipse portal and gateways are gifting us.

Dafna shares with us the clarity and how to navigate the dates and planets that are bringing us into alignment of “The Emerging Godhead from the Mystical waters”.

Take a deep breath and relax into this channel Dafna shares; “We have been submerged in the Ocean of Life, in the depth of the Unified field, where we surrendered parts of ourselves and cleared timelines that have reached their completion point. We are now coalescing with the Spark of Creation and an Emerging parts of our Spirit that we have come to embody through the surrendering process. An infusion of New Life is welcoming our Soul to a new land, a Vision that is beckoning after a profound period of purification and re-alignment. We have been mentored by the Cosmic orchestration and we are ready to Blossom in our Unique design and divine glory”.

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