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Can anyone benefit from using hypnosis as a healing modality? What is hypnosis good for? How does hypnosis emotionally heal the root problems of trauma using memory recall, or the many other areas one can inquire questions about while working in this sacred space with a practitioner? In this episode of Quantum Heart Conversations, Ileana The Star Traveler and host Shannon Pardini, share their experiences as hypnosis practitioners. Join us as we dive deep into Shannon’s own personal experience working with Ileana and accessing different lifetimes in the Secret Space Program, and personal messages that came up from her guides about the current state of our planet from the Arcturian and Andromedans. If you ever wanted to understand how one can benefit from the healing experience of hypnosis and hear first-hand stories. This episode is not to be missed on an ancient tool that everyone can benefit from.

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Bio for Ileana the Star Traveler:
Ileana the Star Traveler is a certified Native American Shaman, Psychic, Crystal Healer, Energy Healer, Past Life Regression and Soul Retrieval Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, and an Akashic Records Reader.
Ileana is a successful self-published author on Amazon of a book called Crystal Grids: The Art of Healing with Crystals. This book teaches about various healing crystal modalities and how to work with crystal grids in order to manifest your success and achieve your goals in life. As well Ileana is the author of a new book titled Messages from a Star Traveler Research Archive Vol. 1 that is self-published recently to find out more about the book check out the below book links.

Through self-hypnosis protocols Ileana was able to learn much about her Secret Space Program experiences of being an SSP Asset working on the Mars bases for the Planetary Corporations in the cybernetics labs, creating biological drug serums, biological human cyborgs, neuro link implants, and operating regenerative technologies that are the holographic medical pods and the Meditech units.

Through doing Past Life Regressions Ileana learned that she is an EL/Pleiadian Hybrid who is a star traveler. The EL race of extraterrestrials are 12th-dimensional beings who embody both female and male forms, they are able to change their biology to look like different beings and change the forms of their bodies, etc. They are a race of beings who can change matter on a biological scale and they have bio-living lightships that they travel in. The EL race is negotiators and they help to bring peace to different planetary systems and prevent wars in galaxies.

Throughout her life, Ileana has had recall memories of experiencing having reptilian abductions especially since her mid-twenties when she had been taken into underground bases in Europe where her blood and immune system had been experimented on with nanite technologies to try and kill her, yet she survived and is now disclosing what happens in reality with ET abductions, ET contact experiences, and Secret Space Program service.

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Shannon Pardini
Quantum Energy Healer
DNA & Cellular Regenerator and purifier.
Multi-Sensory Intuitive.

Shannon is a vessel for an evolutionary Angelic Consciousness, through the arts of writing, singing, channeling, hypnosis, and multi-dimensional energy work.
I bring forth an organic source of intelligent light frequencies that I channel, that supports our human vessel and its incredibly intelligent biotechnology. These light frequencies I bring through helps to restore distorted DNA, and resolve discordant belief systems that are no longer serving our consciousness, collective and personal.
I teach others how to access and trust our unique psychic capabilities to heal and embody energetic freedom inside and out, which opens one up to the truth of their soul signature and creativity to help support sovereignty on our divine purpose with much grace and love for creation.
My life path is one, of supporting others to become joyful and playful in the expansion and truth of who they are. Free of the stories and beliefs that have kept us all from attaining this expansion of simplicity, purpose, sovereignty, and the powerful creation of being human on a planet that supports us to our highest alignment and superpowers when we learn to navigate the new earth energies within and without.

Instagram: @quantum_heart