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In this podcast, Denise and Gabriela discuss the difference between regular essential oils on the market and what makes the PurSoul blends different from just ordinary oils. Denise explains how she codes the essential oils using a proprietary method using scalar technology to empower the highest essence of each of the blends she creates. She shares a powerful testimonial from “a proud Spiraling Up blend user. ” I just had to reach out and tell you how wonderful this blend is. It is just amazing! The benefits are experienced instantly when used. I am experiencing such profound shifts at, what seems to be lightning speed, and this blend smooths out the effects of that and just gives me instant relief and balance. It’s comforting and so very helpful. It’s hard to find words to describe it but I know you will understand. I am so grateful to have it and for the care, you put into the creation of it, and also for the PDF that you provided. Angela” Gabriela guided us through a powerful heart-opening activation and then Denise follows up by downloading the frequencies of Rose oil and Frankincense to balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine. We closed out the podcast with Denise’s personal experience of a protocol using essential oils that transformed her life. Listen in and absorb the frequencies of this delightful podcast.

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Host: Denise Kilonsky

Title: DECU & OMcodes Practitioner/Teacher and Blending Alchemist for PurSoul Remedies

Co-host: Gabriela von Kanel Fyfe

Title: DECU & OMcodes Practitioner; Transactional Analyst Psychotherapy CTA MSc., & Holistic Health Practitioner