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How to deal with and manage stress in healthy ways is a topic we can all use. Sometimes life seems to run away from us and no matter how fast we run, we can’t seem to catch up. Join in as Gabriela guides us with an attunement to help center and balance your mind and body. Listen in as we discuss helpful ways of managing your daily life stresses with some simple tapping to balance our energy systems and mindful breathing to reconnect and become present.

Some ideas to manage daily stress include meditation, deep breathing, maintaining good physical exercise and nutrition, managing time wisely, and connecting with others who uplift and support you.

Denise shared information on the “Balance” essential oil blend she created to help soothe and balance the overstimulated nervous system in response to daily stress. It helps to enhance feelings of assurance, control, and equanimity so you can retrain the mind and body to deal with stress in healthier ways. Its delightful aroma eases exhaustion and brightens the spirit while it regulates the body’s reaction to stress more efficiently. We closed today’s podcast with a guided breathing meditation which included a progressive muscle relaxation technique for the neck and shoulders that you will also find super helpful to use before going to sleep at night to calm an over-active mind and relax the body before sleep.

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Host: Denise Kilonsky Title: DECU & OMcodes Practitioner/Teacher and Blending Alchemist for PurSoul Remedies

Co-host: Gabriela von Kanel Fyfe Title: DECU & OMcodes Practitioner; Transactional Analyst Psychotherapy CTA MSc., & Holistic Health Practitioner