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How do you experience the changing of the seasons? How do you bridge an old way of being into something new? In today’s Podcast, we reflect on how effortlessly Mother Nature transitions without struggle from one season to the next. How can we use that as an example to more easily move through our own life changes? Being in the “expression” without needing to control these changes by letting go, trusting the process, and letting things unfold organically. Try experiencing the changes in frequency and let that be your bridge. Enjoy Denise’s guided visual meditation to connect with the earth, nature, and the changing of the season. Learn more about the essential oil blend “Momentum and Inspiration Nasal Inhaler” at our PurSoul Remedies store.

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Host: Denise Kilonsky

Title: DECU & OMcodes Practitioner/Teacher and Blending Alchemist for PurSoul Remedies

Co-host: Gabriela von Kanel Fyfe

Title: DECU & OMcodes Practitioner; Transactional Analyst Psychotherapy CTA MSc., & Holistic Health Practitioner