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Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do to improve not only your physical health, stamina, and well-being, but it’s important for mental health and daily performance as well. On top of all those benefits, sleep helps you recover faster from injuries, and improves your overall health and resistance to illness. Good quality sleep is definitely not overrated!

Enjoy our lively discussion about the different sleep cycles and why they are important and some self-empowerment tools you can do to better prepare yourself for quality sleep. Denise shares some essential oils that you may discover are helpful in calming the mind so you can go to sleep and stay asleep and what the best locations are to apply them on the body to receive the best benefits. We share a special Sleep Package you may use to help you improve and enjoy better quality sleep. Gabriela closes out our podcast with a powerful attunement to reset and recalibrate your sleep cycle.

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Host: Denise Kilonsky

Title: DECU & OMcodes Practitioner/Teacher and Blending Alchemist for PurSoul Remedies

Co-host: Gabriela von Kanel Fyfe

Title: DECU & OMcodes Practitioner; Transactional Analyst Psychotherapy CTA MSc., & Holistic Health Practitioner

Gabriela’s website: