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Activate Evolution™️ NETWORK

Welcome to Activate Evolution™️ NETWORK

& Social Media Experience

We offer a variety of shows and social media lighting up different paths of evolution.

Listening to the many shows on this one-of-a-kind network is a step into mastering your personal power, advancing consciousness and enhancing your life! Our network is committed to connecting with you in multiple ways most podcasts cannot… we offer LIVE or pre recorded shows all to support your viewing needs and bring forth community environments to tap in with soul family.

We invite you into an experience that uplifts, inspires and supports you in raising consciousness. Become a part of our Evolution Movement!


How to Use the Energies of Portal Openings

In this episode of Ask Jewels on Activate Evolution, Jewels speaks on how calendar dates and astrology are a part of the looping cycle. Learn to use them as opportunities to shift into the New Human Experience. Learn to use your own body as a reflection of consciousness as you turn on DNA codes holding the frequency of Source Intelligence.

Activate Your Evolution Podcast
The Activate Your Evolution Podcast builds a foundation that brings immense value, next-level healing, conscious expansion and immense teachings that will change you in ways you didn’t think possible, all while bringing communities together in Oneness.

New Earth Pathways Podcast
New Earth Pathways is a movement to awaken and empower humanity. Episodes explore various personal-growth topics with cutting-edge Thought Leaders and Changemakers --all within the context of the New Earth Reality.

Quantum Heart Conversations
Quantum in each conversation, you will meet, the healers, wayshowers, luminaries and those who have mastered what it means to tap into their own unique super powers and consciousness to express their highest aspects of self, as they share their unique gifts

PurSoul Remedies
The PurSoul Remedies Podcast is here to inspire, educate and support you on your journey from Self to Soul. Whether you are seeking to connect to your inner truth; embrace your destiny or reset and start fresh; you have come to the right place. This Podcast will introduce innovative ways of using essential oils to transform any area of your life. Listen in as we guide you on how to start your journey from self to soul with the power of plant therapy.

DECU Podcast
DECU is an interactive show where you can experience what it means to reprogram your cells, reprogram your life! Join our Certified DECU practitioner/ teachers in a cutting edge energetic technique that will change the way you look at healing. Join them live or catch the replays and begin your journey into the quantum field of reprogramming cellular intelligence. Go to ActivateEvolution.com to learn more ways to interact and receive DECU Healings.

Starseed Continuum
Starseed continuum is an interactive show where high vibe souls come together to read energetic patterns through the Evolution Journey Cards. Are you ready to expand into the cosmos and connect with your Star Family? We are calling out to you! Join the Evolution and connect to your highest evolutionary pattern




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