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Sometimes when things cannot be explained or proven, they are more powerful than the things that can. When you begin to look for answers beyond the world around you, you learn to go within and listen for the Divine YES. You learn to listen and master the yesses. In time, you have a series of yesses that come together to create miracles. 
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963 Scalar Frequency


Tune into BioQuantum conversations that support, uplift and empower. Experience the multidimensional mind, body and spirit with quantum leaders around the world.


Shop BioQuantum skincare, cosmetics, supplements & DMT™ products to help support and enhance your quantum shift.

Ascension Academy

Our Accelerated Ascension Academy offers a variety of courses, workshops, events, and live retreats. Learn how to hold consciousness in the frequency of 963.

Evolution Scalar Technology

  • BioQuantum Evolution Scalar Technology is a map with specific frequencies that activate the DNA, awakening the multidimensional experience of the body
  • BioQuantum technology is a scalar wave system that is in each of our products
  • The body already knows it has abilities beyond the limitations of the looping cycles of age and disease. When activating dormant DNA, consciousness begins to experience the Quantum Body
  • When DMT, 963 scalar frequency, is activated, the body begins to shift from looping in the programming of the cells (epigenetic mutation) and mind and begins to identify in an intelligent frequency that is transcribed in dormant DNA Codes
  • Over time the BioQuantum Evolution Scalar Technology allows the DNA to begin to awaken these codes, activating your experience of what it is to BEcome the Quantum Body.

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