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Learn how to use the coded frequency oils to move from the programmed body to the Quantum Body.  Our Frequency Blend set is a powerful set of 3 essential oil blends that have been created using scalar wave frequency and evolution technology to entrain your cells to experience the frequency of Dopamine 852 Hz, Serotonin 432 Hz, Oxytocin 528 Hz, and as an added bonus you also receive our DMT 963 Hz essential oils blends.
Using these oils will help you to experience these chemicals as frequency versus experiencing these hormones through chemical release that we experience as emotions.  When you are dependent on a chemical response of the body to create emotions, you create loops that do not serve you at the highest level.  Plus, your emotions can cloud your thinking and perceptions.  Your body then becomes addicted to the chemical of these emotions versus experiencing them as feelings.
When you activate the frequency of Dopamine-Serotonin-Oxytocin, through the Coded Essential oil blend, versus the chemical release of Dopamine-Serotonin-Oxytocin, the body resonates in an intelligence allowing you to choose or make decisions beyond programming, both personal and within reality.
ALL 4 OILS ARE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE of the Mastering The Chemical Body AE Foundation course.  This class is an add-on bonus with additional teaching from our Blending Alchemist Denise Kilonksy.