Activate Evolution Membership: FREE FOR ONE MONTH!

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The Activate Evolution membership is a bi-monthly Divine collaboration created to elevate your ascension and introduce High Level tools to support you in holding a higher frequency.

Learn to bring intuitive patterns into a mastery level and step into full creation of Divine intelligence.  You are the Creator and the Creation.

This is a Divine Reflection is designed to catalyze inspired action.  It is time to elevate states of consciousness and break the matrix.  The Activate Evolution membership provides support, high frequency reflection and guidance for those ready to be in the highest expression of DMT, Decoded Molecular Technology.

If you love learning and expanding your mind and consciousness while tapping into your supernatural powers, the Activate Evolution membership offers unmeasurable frequencies to harness with unlimited learning opportunities that support you in reaching your highest potential.

Step into Your Personal Power! The 2nd and 4th Tuesday Every Month from 4-5:00pm EST