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Join Jewels in the Next Evolution Retreat October 21-23rd 2022
1:00 and 4:30pm EST each day

This 3 day Live Virtual Retreat is Life Changing!
“We have the ability to Change the resonance of the body to vibrate in a frequency pattern that shifts the imprint or intelligence of the Body itself.”

3 Days of Evolution! This retreat holds 6 live processes and attunements to shift EVERYTHING!  This is a life changing process you will never forget!  Move into the frequency of The Evolution of DNA Expression. Enter a Sacred space created to evolve your very existence. Words cannot express the transformation available to us at this time. Jewels has broken the barrier and she is bringing the NEXT to you in the NOW.    Are you ready to step into your evolution pattern of your NEXT? This retreat allows you to  integrate the frequency that is moving you into the advanced system of Human form… Become Super-Natural!  This 3 day retreat holds the Evolution Attunement.  Experience Evolution and Change Your Life!

It is time to Become The Future of Mankind! Using an energetic continuum in the quantum field, Evolution can be used to align the expression of the divine DNA. Using both science and spirituality, this energetic attuning process is changing Everything!

The Evolution Retreat is a process of connecting and attuning to your highest future pattern.  Over 3 days you move through the Evolution symbol allowing a shift to occur within your energy system to create GREAT Change.  If you are ready to raise your frequency in an accelerated and profound experience, this is designed to shift you into your future pattern Right Now!