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8 Week Course to learn the DECU Method for Self-Growth and Personal Healing.

Weeks 1-3 Learn the DECU Method

Week 4 Learn to read the Universal Language of Numbers using the Evolution Journey Cards

Weeks 5-8 Learn OMcodes to Advance Human Consciousness

Are you Ready to Become the NEW Human?
Reprogramming cellular intelligence is the foundation of cellular Alchemy.  It is the voice of empowerment; the wisdom of Source Intelligence.

We believe we have a choice in how our cells will experience life. We can move through unconsciously having moments of knowing there is another way, or we can wake up in those moments and never go back...  In choosing to awaken, we became the creator of the New Human. WE learn to Master Molecular Form.  Learning the DECU Technology dramatically enhance cell life.  DECU is a gateway to becoming conscious of the intelligence stored in the DNA.

Are you ready to live a life that is uncharted, beyond programmed reality?  It is time to take what we may see as impossibilities and up-level the human experience.  DECU technology has its own intelligence to assist you in reaching your highest potential!

DECU is an Ascension Accelerator!
We are reprogramming our cells to a higher frequency held in no time and no space. Not by working with what has been broken, but by bringing the cell into the expression of Source Intelligence.  


OMcodes is a journey of Consciousness!  You will learn to code your Divine technology to become a very advanced form of what it is to be Human.  If you have said yes to becoming the NEW Human, this course is for you. Take a moment to really sit in this YES. OMcodes will challenge you to BECOME the very reality you cannot fully explain or understand.

OMcodes will create a space for you to bring your personal spherical existence to overall well being, while providing you with the guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be upgraded to the next level of human evolution.

We are living in a higher timeline where we can exist without limitation.  Limitation is held in the mind, DNA, cells and genetics. Our bodies no longer resonate in 3D yet we still vibrate at the frequency of our thoughts. The only thing holding us in the density of the 3rd dimension, is the way we are wired to think, act and BE.  I challenge you to question your very existence. The key to human evolution is right inside of you.  You are THE WAY.

OMcodes is a process, taking you into your state of origin… ONENESS.  In the state of ONENESS you are all that is. You are Eternal and you ARE Limitless.  As a Conscious being you have the ability to expand beyond the programming of the 3D.

Your state of origin holds the codes of Immortality, abundance, pure love and the ability to live a life you cannot even imagine in the frequency you experience today. You have the key to living as the NEW HUMAN right now. It is a process of choices and awakening the codes that are already inside of you.  This is a pathway to activate human expansion, Human evolution.  Awaken an intelligence beyond programmed reality.  Feel into your heart. Are you ready? It is time to discover the NEW Human Coding that is already awakening within you.