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DECU Certification is the next step after taking a DECU Level One Course. For those wanting to take their journey into deeper self knowing through the reflection of another, this is your next step into mastering reprogramming your cells.  Are you ready to take reprogramming cellular intelligence to the next level? Whether you want to work as a practitioner or just go deeper into self healing, taking the  DECU Certification course will change your life.  We have many people take this course just for their own inner reflection.  It is a powerful journey!
For 8 weeks you will meet on Wednesdays at from 4:30- 5:30PM EST for teaching, processing and practicing with your classmates.  You will also have a partner you will practice with each week. This is a powerful healing journey for everyone!
At the end of 8 weeks you will receive a Legal Certification.

DECU Cert will be taught by our Master DECU Teacher Yvonne Zook.

DECU Cert is the pathway too OMcodes if this is a calling for you.