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April 27, 2023 6:45 PM - 6:45 PM

NEW Earth Pathways opens a gateway to the Advanced Human Experience.


The Activate Evolution Community is a Divine Design built through intentional collaboration and created to push the boundaries of the collective to entice the awakening mass consciousness.


There are lots of people and companies out there that show examples of the old paradigm of awakening the collective. We see a single person standing up to shift the masses. We recognize at Activate Evolution™️ that this has already been done and it is time to come together to create the change the world needs most. To prove that Unity is the New Earth Way.


At Activate Evolution we support those that have a vision, ideas and/or methods that are breaking through the matrix. Those that are stepping into their Soul Purpose and are looking for others to reflect a vision of a NEW World. To stand as an individual and stand together with other soul leaders, to uplift and show the way for others to step into their own brilliance. So they can also remember what they came here to create.


It takes courage and commitment to move from the path of an individual to one of collaboration and unity. We believe there is strength and magic in the choice to walk the path of a Way-Shower… to write the book of our future. One that has not been written before. It takes strength, vulnerability, sovereignty, and the willingness to awaken to new possibilities on a path with others. Our purpose and mission as a Soul Family is to support and guide you as you walk the path less traveled. To step into the NEW Human experience of Unity.