Breaking Quantum Physics 1

Upgrade Your Brain, Body — and Human Potential Be a part of an exclusive launch of Breaking Quantum Physics!  Tap into your own body and boost your physical and cognitive performance to experience the Advanced Human! The DNA holds a software system that has the ability to access an intelligence beyond the programming that holds […]

DECU Live with Yvonne

Experience DECU Live with Yvonne! Join us:

Breaking Quantum Physics 2

In Breaking Quantum Physics 2 You will Discover: ✨ How to use the 3rd level of the 7 Elements to Shift Cell Division into an expression of Source Frequency ✨ Take a journey through Sedona Az activation DNA Techmolies. ✨ Tap into ascended DMT with a DMT Activation ✨ Remove the low spin states of […]

Live with Judy Anderson! Jazz Up Your Life Holiday Event

Join Jewels and Judy for this special Holiday Event! Many of us think we are creating our reality with awareness. In truth, we are all living in the cellular blueprint of our own bodies/skin. But it does not have to be this way. I absolutely know you feel that! We are caught in the limiting […]

11:11 New Vista Portal Activation Event

Join Kathy and Denise for this LIVE 1:15 hr. event.  Register:  $44 for the Live Event on Nov 11, 2022, 6 PM EST. We will utilize the super energies of this powerful day to usher in new beginnings to forge a new path of manifestation in creation with the Divine. Participation in this event will […]

DECU Live with Kathy

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Ask Jewels! Live Evolution Podcast

Join Jewels for a short reflection of consciousness and then have all your questions answered.  Bring REAL life into advanced states of being .Moving into higher states of conscious can create ripples in our lives and we may not be able to see all the different energy patterns we can choose as our experience.  Jewels […]

DECU Live with Denise

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