DECU BODY2 For Cellular Healing

Join us for this live 6-week class, 12 Oct 2022 – 16 Nov 2022 4:30 PM – 5:45 PM EST.  This is a DECU Level 1 course where you will learn how to perform a DECU Cellular Reading on yourself to clear your programming and limiting beliefs that may be contributing to...
OMcodes Level 1

OMcodes Level 1

OMcodes for Evolution… Learn advanced methods that will CHANGE Everything! Let’s elevate your ascension process, maximize well-being and create your NEW Earth Reality! Learn to activate your DNA and tap into the universal language of the intelligence held...

DECU Body for Weight Loss

DECU for the Body! It is time to break the agreement of genetic imprints and belief systems and start upgrading to the NEW Human through the cells and DNA. Starting with the cells of the body, we have the ability to create change through methods such as as DECU not...
FREE Live Event!  DECU For Weight Loss

FREE Live Event! DECU For Weight Loss

Experience DECU for Weight loss with Jennifer!  Learn about what DECU is and experience a free mini session!  July 8th at 1:00pm EST Join the Live Event HERE: