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Restoration within ourselves and the collective conscious is at an all-time cosmic scale to be balanced. Do we truly understand our role here, and how each of us is being guided to balance the polarities of the masculine and feminine energies within? To then release the illusion of separation each of us creates within the collective consciousness that holds no truth to what we are now becoming and creating in this new paradigm shift. In today’s Quantum Heart Conversations Podcast, host Shannon Pardini and Multi-Dimensional Healer and Ascension Wayshower Keleena Malnar, dive deep into topics about ending our illusion to separation at all levels, the twin flame journey, and the call to planetary gridwork. We will intimately join Keleena as she shares her personal gridwork journey through parts of Mexico and what Keleena and her team witnessed and released from our land. Shannon and Keleena further share their experience of the way-shower and the twin flame journey they are experiencing. Lots of great information to support those who are following the call to be present and get grounded, as it’s these moments we are each being downloaded with our next move within the Divine Design to rise together!