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What is the relationship between our Ego and Soul? Did you know that our evolution in consciousness requires each of us to merge these two energies within our emotional bodies? When Ego (Divine Masculine) and Soul (Divine Feminine) are properly balanced, it’s then embodiment can be witnessed and our life completely transformed. This merge is what it feels like to come home into our body’s natural frequency and authenticity. When these two energies become one, there is confirmation and knowing that we don’t need anything outside of ourselves to confirm the source within. The Divine Design in each and every one of us is going within and completing this process we came here to do for our highest potential. In today’s Quantum Heart Conversations Podcast, host Shannon Pardini and Laura Grant, dive deep into topics about how we as a collective are collapsing the old timelines and old stories. We are coming into union with ourselves and setting new foundations for New Earth, as each of us is given a chance to really deep dive into understanding our beliefs and shadow work, which will transform the way our DNA expresses and shares our authentic self. When you show up in your full authenticity, nothing can stop what you came here to do in your soul’s mission to create greatness.