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SSC – December Energies (December 1, 2022)

This podcast is about the energies of December 2022. The Holiday Season and how we have the invitation to Express from the Inside Expression. Introduced a New Way of tracing the Energies. Moving out of programming and the looping cycle and turning on Divine Technology and Divine intelligence by using the Evolution Symbol. #DivinePyramidTechnology #DivineIntelligence […]

StarSeed Continuum – October Energies

This podcast is about Creation and expressing your Next. Listen and Do. Trust. Allow your Divine to Pour in. Ask for your Divine to Show Me. You are moving into perfection expressing your next highest frequency level. See it, Hear it, Feel it, and Know it. Ride the wave! #DivineSupport #expression #mastery #trust

Step Into Your NEXT

In this episode, Kathy and Jewels talk about how this month is a time of expansion and change! Are you ready to step onto the rocket ship? We are evolving and shifting every day. Take a moment to reflect on the changes you have made, and where you may be still holding onto old energies […]