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DECU LIVE (November 14, 2022)

Discussion on clearing the programs of aging and overworking yourself, that you have to age and die as we get older. Ultimate Self Care and breaking old outdated agreements. Coding ourselves for Magnificence. Way showers are inviting to consider. #AgingInReverse #SurrenderToSourceIntelligence #UltimateSelf-Care #ShineOurBrillance

DECU – DECU with the Lion’s Gate Portal

In this episode Cerena, Gabriela and Yvonne connect with the energies of The Lion’s Gate portal. Cerena and Gabriela bring in a beautiful DECU followed by an activation by Yvonne, becoming one with the Lion’s Gate frequencies. We appreciate and acknowledge the light code energies pouring into our Divine technology, awakening our gifts within. Reunite […]