AE – Activate Your Heart Chakra

In this episode, Jewels talks about the difference between the emotion of love and the Feeling of love. We can activate our heart space to attune our reality to hold the frequency of Divine Love. This is a pathway to living beyond collective consciousness or our programmed behaviors. Activate Your Heart and experience the Miracle […]

AE – Why We Care What Others Think

In this episode, Jewels looks at Why we care what other people think and how we can start not giving a Ship. Explore the wounds behind caring too much but also how we can use caring what others think to strengthen our connection with our Divine. Why do you care? Knowing this opens you to […]

AE – Spiritual Discipline

Do you make choices based on the emotion you are having or an emotion you want to feel? It is time to use the information in emotional or mental programming to make choices consciously. It is time to make big changes and Spiritual Discipline is the most important part of making them happen. Are you […]

AE – Be a Lightworker

In this episode, Jewels speaks about what it is to be a Lightworker in challenging times. We want to connect to our Divine Truth before we act, speak or choose what to believe. There is a lot of chaos in the world and many beliefs surrounding this chaos. The Divine is choosing you to believe […]

AE – Tap Into Your Inner Technology

Tap into your inner technology In this episode, Jewels and Dafna will explore our invisible architecture, and the ways it operates within Creation and attunes into a Fluid Source. We will discuss the ways that assist us to intentionally direct our life force and Live as instruments of Divine orchestration. We will end with a […]

AE – Venus in Retrogade

Jewels and Sibyl Star talk about the energies that are here to assist our ascension and how we can use them to amplify our lives into magic and abundance. We may feel the effects of Venus in Retrograde the next few months as our emotions come up to show us what still needs to be […]

AE – Magical Message From the Animal Kingdom

Jewels speaks with Arielle Taylor about Starseed kids and how cell phones and technology are creating a disconnect with the light they are here to be. Her passion in supporting the young in their gifts led her to write a book about connecting to the animal kingdom. As parents we can open our children to […]

AE -11:11 Vortex Reading

In this episode Jewels and Kathy do an Evolution Reading on the energies coming in to support us for the 11:11 Event! We are in the Biggest Event of Human History! Find out what is to come as we prepare for 2022! Visit to join the live interactive shows.

AE – The Story Collector (Mushhur and Jewels)

Jewels and Mashhur speak about how to receive and how receiving is a pathway of awakening. Feeling and receiving subtle energies can open us up to guidance and expansion. When we openly receive from the universe magic happens! Learn more about how to open your heart to receiving while connecting to your inner truth.