AE – The Golden Lotus

In this episode of AE, Jewels share her story of how the Golden Lotus came to her with the NEW Earth Pathways Natives. Journey into advanced states of consciousness held within this multidimensional galactic gift. Experience a transmission of this magical Luminous Flower as you explore the miracles it holds.

AE – Creating a NEW REALITY

In this episode, Jewels talks about seeing beyond what is seen. We cannot create something new by resisting or agreeing to the energy already created. We only add more energy to what is being resisted when we judge, fear, or become victims of what is being shown. Using Divine Reflection is the NEW Earth Way! […]

AE – Divine Technology Coming Online

In this episode of Activate Evolution, you will learn our DNA holds a gateway to becoming conscious on a cellular level. To Turn ON your Divine Technology and BECOME the NEW Human. In this workshop, you will experience what it is to read the software that is running through your cells now and upgrade to […]

AE – Preparing for the Lion’s Gate

In this live interactive show, Jewels talks about ways we can use the energies coming in for the 8/8 Lion’s gate to advance our human experience and manifest beyond programmed reality. This is a powerful time to use higher reflection to begin to consciously attune to the intelligence of the energy awakening within our Divine […]

AE – Finding the Root Cause

In this episode, Jewels speaks about finding the root cause in order to heal. Are you searching for the reason you are the way you are and feel you need to find this reason in order to change? What if the root cause is as easy as seeing the place you are choosing to look […]

AE – Use Intention to Amplify Your Intuitive Powers

In this episode, Jewels speaks about how to use intention or manifesting to amplify your intuitive powers. Once an intention is set we can attune to the frequency behind it and then use this frequency to create action and choice. Once we have the intention frequency in our awareness we can use intuition to receive […]

AE – Reprogram Your Cells to Abundance

In this episode, Jewels speaks about why we want to use our cells to reprogram our bodies to hold the frequency for our consciousness to exist in. When we reprogram our cells to hold high-level identities, it allows us to shift faster than any other method. Are you ready to reprogram your cells to Abundance?