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The Cosmos gives us glimpses into the unfolding mystery, in the shape of our life and the reality of the world. With Venus and Mercury’s extended underworld dive, much of January involved purging a huge karmic cycle, and felt as though we are still in the energy signature of last year. We have been assessing, with great humility; our values, our energy output, and whether our lives are in tune with what we deeply cherish or whether we have forsaken elements of our spirit. February is caring a different energy quality that feels like this is indeed the start of this year. The current energetics are building up, and we can sense the momentum that is in the air. There is an electric revolutionary energy with Uranus, a greater intensity with its alignment with the nodes of destiny, and a rare and impactful transit with the US Pluto return that begins its journey this coming Sunday. To add to this dance, the divine feminine, and masculine are going to come together in a fierce meeting and will be aspired to elevate into their mastery so they can merge into the sacred union they came here to Be. With all this energy, your inner home has been going through excavation and renovation, and much of your life has been reassessed. We have Pisces in Jupiter, and as the energy of this watery sign will amplify, we are reminded of the Oneness and that we are part of a pulse of ONE Heart. We are reminded to dream and swim with the Mystery and to trust the internal voice of our Intuition. Pisces helps us trust the unknown and embody our earthly existence in the fullness of our divine eternal Soul. Our dreams and highest visions are drawing us, and our body is a profound messenger during these times of transformation. The universe is present and ready to carry us on the Wings of the divine, providing we Surrender and Allow our heart’s light to be the guiding force.

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