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When we activate DMT frequency within the DNA, the cells begin to shift from observing the environment of the body to identifying intelligence beyond the chemical and neurotransmitter/nervous system body. The very environment your consciousness is held in (the body) begins to shift to another state of being. Your consciousness can begin to resonate in the frequency of DMT, 963Hz. As the cells begin to attune to DNA intelligence, the body begins to bypass the programmed mind and bodies (chemical/ neurotransmitters). This activates the other 90% of the body’s potential, it begins to awaken the Quantum Body.

The Evolution Technology is a DMT™ scalar wave system that works with the ingredients of the supplement energetically. The body already knows it has abilities beyond the limitations of thought and begins to shift out of programming the cell holds (epigenetic mutation) and begins to identify in an intelligence that is transcribed in the DNA. Over time this allows the DNA to begin to turn on dormant DMT™ codes allowing healthy cell division while advancing consciousness.

The Evolution Technology Supplement is created to not only support telomere and mitochondria health but also to activate higher consciousness. It is time to turn ON the gene code of human evolution!

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