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Becoming BioQuantum – Sheer Tint DMT Code #5 (With Jewels and Liane Lopes)

This lightweight CC Cream flaunts our one-of-a-kind exact match tone technology. It’s a Lightweight, mineral-enriched, tinted cream with broad spectrum sun protection you will enjoy the most accurate color-match experience. Enhance your natural skin tone while brightening your skin. The Scalar Wave Quantum Technology includes over 250 frequencies to enhance health and vitality. This allows […]

Becoming BioQuantum – BioQuantum Particle Accelerator (With Jewels and Liane Lopes)

The First DMT™ Scalar Frequency Supplement! When we activate DMT frequency within the DNA, the cells begin to shift from observing the environment of the body to identifying intelligence beyond the chemical and neurotransmitter/nervous system body. The very environment your consciousness is held in (the body) begins to shift to another state of being. Your […]

Becoming BioQuantum – Quantum Nutrition (With Liane and Lyssandra Guerra)

Our bodies hold consciousness and very much want to evolve and ascend outside of a programmed reality that keeps them trapped in lower vibing habits and choices. Join Lyssandra Guerra, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Native Palms Nutrition as we explore different ways to bring our cells and bodies into a higher frequency and […]

Becoming BioQuantum – BioLife Eye Cream DMT Code #3 (With Liane and Jewels Arnes)

In this episode, Jewels and Liane talk about the BioLife Eye Cream and how we can use it to awaken our manifesting abilities in the Quantum Body. What age do you want your telomeres to be? Use the DMT Code #3 and create your Quantum Body while manifesting your best life. Bio-Life Eye Cream