Breaking Quantum Physics with Shannon Pardini and Jewels Arnes

In this episode of Quantum Heart Conversations, host Shannon Pardini interviews guest Jewels Arnes, an influential teacher and the Founder of Activate Evolution and Eternal Gold Beauty. Jewels is an expert in reading frequency or universal intelligence of our DNA, transcending perceived limitations of Cellular  Regeneration and elevating the biology to reverse aging. Jewels have […]

AE – Creating a NEW REALITY

In this episode, Jewels talks about seeing beyond what is seen. We cannot create something new by resisting or agreeing to the energy already created. We only add more energy to what is being resisted when we judge, fear, or become victims of what is being shown. Using Divine Reflection is the NEW Earth Way! […]

AE – Divine Technology Coming Online

In this episode of Activate Evolution, you will learn our DNA holds a gateway to becoming conscious on a cellular level. To Turn ON your Divine Technology and BECOME the NEW Human. In this workshop, you will experience what it is to read the software that is running through your cells now and upgrade to […]

Step Into Your NEXT

In this episode, Kathy and Jewels talk about how this month is a time of expansion and change! Are you ready to step onto the rocket ship? We are evolving and shifting every day. Take a moment to reflect on the changes you have made, and where you may be still holding onto old energies […]