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StarSeed Continuum – Be Your Mastery

In this episode, Kathy meets with Soul Family to discuss an evolution reading that brings everyone into their mastery. Are you ready to up your game and become the brilliance you are here to BE. Up-level self-empowerment and be ready to take action in your best life!

AE – Reprogram Your Cells to Abundance

In this episode, Jewels speaks about why we want to use our cells to reprogram our bodies to hold the frequency for our consciousness to exist in. When we reprogram our cells to hold high-level identities, it allows us to shift faster than any other method. Are you ready to reprogram your cells to Abundance?

DECU – I Am Statement

Yvonne and Jennifer talk about what the “I AM” statement is and why it is so important. The “I AM” statement is the motherload of all affirmations. There is likely no better way to instruct the Universe about how you want to create your reality.