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AE – Spiritual Discipline

Do you make choices based on the emotion you are having or an emotion you want to feel? It is time to use the information in emotional or mental programming to make choices consciously. It is time to make big changes and Spiritual Discipline is the most important part of making them happen. Are you […]

SC – Raise Your Frequency

Kathy and Jewels do an Evolution Reading on the awareness of when your frequency is dropping. This awareness allows you to create big changes in your life that hold higher and higher frequencies! Experience the codes behind the cards and absorb the intelligence that is supporting you in your best life.

SC – Starseed Synergy

Come experience Powerful synergy! We are all a part of the journey and knowingness of this reading. Embrace heart-felt connection to the Divine. Experience what it is like to be coded with the Miracle Frequency Pattern and then end with an activation. Activate the recorder cell as a group and then move into heart expression.

AE – Be a Lightworker

In this episode, Jewels speaks about what it is to be a Lightworker in challenging times. We want to connect to our Divine Truth before we act, speak or choose what to believe. There is a lot of chaos in the world and many beliefs surrounding this chaos. The Divine is choosing you to believe […]