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AE – Venus in Retrogade

Jewels and Sibyl Star talk about the energies that are here to assist our ascension and how we can use them to amplify our lives into magic and abundance. We may feel the effects of Venus in Retrograde the next few months as our emotions come up to show us what still needs to be […]

AE – Magical Message From the Animal Kingdom

Jewels speaks with Arielle Taylor about Starseed kids and how cell phones and technology are creating a disconnect with the light they are here to be. Her passion in supporting the young in their gifts led her to write a book about connecting to the animal kingdom. As parents we can open our children to […]

NEP – Multidimensional Wealth Creation (With Leisa Peterson)

How do you create wealth in the New Earth? Guest Leisa Peterson is a wealth coach and author of the Mindful Millionnaire. She developed a way to integrate financial matters with the spiritual/metaphysical in a grounded and accessible way. Leisa guides listeners through a beautiful process aimed at reducing financial anxiety and enhancing self-worth and […]