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In this episode of Quantum Heart Conversations, host Shannon Pardini interviews guest Jewels Arnes, an influential teacher and the Founder of Activate Evolution and Eternal Gold Beauty. Jewels is an expert in reading frequency or universal intelligence of our DNA, transcending perceived limitations of Cellular  Regeneration and elevating the biology to reverse aging. Jewels have a vast background in multiple healing modalities, which has led her to identify the root of epigenetic codes. Developing a delivery system for people to receive the elements that are advancing the DNA through coded skincare and the Evolution framework, Jewels focuses on awakening our DNA intelligence to begin creating beyond molecular structure (the light body). Wanting to bring about groundbreaking changes in cellular intelligence, Jewels focuses on creating the NEW Human by teaching her Step-by-Step methods, to those who feel the calling to enhance the human experience.

Shannon and Jewels deep dive into sharing as co-creators a new groundbreaking lecture series the two created together called Breaking Quantum Physics. We are inviting our audience to join in this first of a series of foundations to breaking the looping cycles and automatic behaviors in the body to ride ascension as the New Human, supporting turning on 100% potential of our DNA. As we continue to activate our Divine Technology language will change. Communication through the universal language will be the next step in delivering specific frequencies as we shift into the light body. We can use holographic imaging to see through the illusion of both form and programming of words. This allows us to be everything and nothing at the same time. The vehicle, particle light form, connects to the grid turning on the nodes.

This is the first step of breaking the Matrix within the body and cells’ intelligence, and beginning to play as the creator of the Matrix itself. This opens the pathway into existing outside the Matrix altogether!

Are you ready to BREAK Quantum Physics? The Ionic grid is holding the intelligence of what we are becoming… this level of intelligence has no consciousness, meaning it has no need to be conscious of itself because it holds the intelligence of all things without the need for reflection… just sit with this. This is going to be a WILD RIDE! Buckle up! Reality is bending. What if everything you know is true isn’t true? What if everything you have been told is the opposite of the true energy it is actually holding?

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October 26th 2:00-3:00pm EST

We will be developing materials in an open-ended Divine design as we unveil the next.

The first journey will be 5 weeks long.

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About Shannon Pardini:

Shannon: Quantum Energy Healer

DNA & Cellular Regenerator and purifier. Multi-Sensory Intuitive.

Shannon is a vessel for an evolutionary Angelic Consciousness, through the arts of writing, singing, channeling, hypnosis, and multi-dimensional energy work.

I bring forth an organic source of intelligent light frequencies that I channel and resolve discordant belief systems that are no longer serving our consciousness, collective and personal.

I teach others how to access and trust our unique psychic capabilities to heal and embody energetic freedom inside and out, which opens one up to the truth of their soul signature and creativity to help support sovereignty on our divine purpose with much grace and love for creation. My life path is one, of supporting others to become joyful and playful in the expansion and truth of who they are. Free of the stories and beliefs that have kept us all from attaining this expansion of simplicity, purpose,  sovereignty, and the powerful creation of being human on a planet that supports us to our highest alignment and super powers when we learn to navigate the new earth energies within and without.