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and those curious about Ascension within the physical body and mind!

Our Activate Evolution™️ platform is here to share and teach  valuable information around DNA Cellular Intelligence, while  intrinsically helping you remember your own unique divine  blueprint. At AE we teach many different methods to upgrade and biohack your  life in a step-by-step framework called DECU™️ (DNA Expression  Cellular Upgrade) which guides one inward on a journey of  working with your DNA Expression through in-person, online  courses, lecture series and physical body upgrades through  Attunement Retreats and we offer so much more. We always are  in Co-creation of the Next with DNA Evolution!

We at Activate Evolution™️, DECU™️ University and Evolution Skincare Technology ™️

are companies entirely focused on the evolution of our DNA and how we can reprogram at the cellular level, by learning the truth of what our minds and body can do when aligned in highest potential teachings and understanding DNA technologies.

DECU™️ University is High Level Teachings with Masterful Teachers, who have studied and applied the framework within their own lives, these methods are very clear and concise, with a step by step approach biohacking your biology,, and support to break the automatic looping behaviors with in your blueprint and DNA. 

Inside our Activate Evolution™️ website is a guide to walk through each platform that holds an understanding of the original form of your DNA Intelligence, while we also offer cutting edge, Quantum Technology beauty products with scalar frequencies to help with cellular transformation and much more.

We are excited to invite you into an experience that attunes your body to awaken, to remember our original technology of DNA and ignite deep knowing of Intuitive Superpowers.  It is time to move forward beyond the illusions we’ve created for ourselves, and leave our programmed reality behind, for good!

Am I Right?! I know we all are exhausted from our old stories… Instead it’s GO TIME… Let’s create anew together! By saying Yes and truly stepping into what it is you want to create and become in your highest potential.

This Divine Blueprint and Technology is your gateway. It is open to all of us who know living beyond perceived limited beliefs and EXITING Old Stories about yourself, is your Truth!  The key here is to ignite the DNA intelligence within yourself first, and watch how your life will attune to the very experience you want to create. 

Inside of your cells, your very own unique DNA, is the most advanced technology waiting for you to turn it on!  Everything you know in your heart should be your reality, that is TRUE!  You should be able to heal instantly, manifest in a high level of awareness…  We offer, a step by step process into magic we can all tap into… It’s actually an intelligence that when consciously connected too, creates miracles!  And these miracles are you in the creation seat, taking your power back!

We know in our Soul we are here to live life to our highest human potential through transformation and inspiration of our deepest heartfelt creations. You are here to become self love and to have fun learning the skills to tap into your truth, sovereignty and highest potential!

I bet you’re asking yourself… what does it mean to understand our DNA Blueprint?

The Five Pillars of Activate Evolution™️

Choose how you will journey and study with us within DECU™️ Universe!

Welcome to DECU™️ Universe! Each pillar of experience provides you with a unique way to work and study within the DECU™️ framework, Certification Programs and Personal Journey’s of choice. Each of the 5 Pillars has been designed to awaken the Intelligence of Divine Technology and Cellular Reprogramming within you from beginning to advance level mastery of DNA. Explore the multiple ways we support your DECU™️ and Evolution journey.


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Each of our teachings, practices, and pathways in Activate Evolution™️ have been created to awaken the Divine within you.
Explore the multiple ways we can serve your spiritual journey.


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Our Story and Evolution

Activate Evolution™️ is a community based on a unity foundation. We understand that to move into the frequency of the New Human, we need to join together with the intention to reflect our Divine Brilliance while seeing this brilliance in others. When I first started my journey to create the Activate Evolution™️ platform I knew there could not be One Leader, that we all contribute to a mission beyond any one person. This intention has unveiled a Divine Design we continue to build within. We are a team committed to sharing our mission of Soul Leadership through Intentional Collaboration through Divine Guidance. I know in my heart to truly move into the New Human experience we must let go of the ME and move into the WE. In the frequency or reflection of WE, we find the power in Unity.

Jewels Arnes
DECU Universe Founder and Creator

Our Advanced DECU™️ Universe Coaches and Teachers are here to hold the highest reflection for you on your journey into remembering your Soul Mission.

We are here to see your light and your brilliance until you can fully see it for yourself. After all, this is the gift of Divine Reflection! We consistently see the highest frequency of another so we can see this frequency in ourselves. I call this the 1 to the 2 to the 3… me, to we to unity. It is the Divine Design creating a pathway of human evolution.

Welcome to Activate Evolution™️

A community built on a foundation guided by Spirit, and years of discovering tools that create rapid ascension, our community pushes the boundaries of collective consciousness and awakens our highest human potential. As a Unity Community we encourage everyone to use our Divine superpowers to create the New Earth. We provide encouragement, support and love to those stepping up to walk their soul purpose. Our mission is to inspire, support and guide you as you awaken to your soul’s potential, so together we can impact the world with intention and love. Welcome to the Activate Evolution™️ Soul Family. We look forward to reimagining an Inspired World with you.

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